A Pension Review arranged by Rock Pension Research is a NO OBLIGATION review conducted by our FCA registered intermediary to check how your current pension is performing and how much money you will actually be left with in retirement. The review may identify that the charges applied to your pension plan may no longer be competitive. The financial intermediary may recommend transferring your pension to a new provider, which will provide you with more money in your retirement.
The pension review is a NO OBLIGATION service. However, should our adviser recommend you transfer your pension, fees will apply and are relevant to individual circumstances.
As we move forward, changes in government legislation, competition and improvements in technology have dramatically reduced charges associated with pension plans. Many providers have not applied these reductions to individuals pension plans. Switching from an outdated pension plan to a more competitive pension plan could increase your pension pot and help take better care of you and your family in retirement.
Some basic information about you and your existing pension scheme will be required, including your pension providers name, contact details and your policy number.
After this information is received you can sit back and let our professional IFA’s deal with the administration process.
Depending on the response time from your existing provider, the process is likely to take no longer than 12 weeks.
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